ITIL Service Capability: Operational Support and Analysis

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In this course, you will be immersed in the practical aspects of the ITIL service lifecycle and processes associated with the operational support and analysis of services and service delivery. You will cover the operational-level process activities and supporting methods and approaches to executing these processes in a practical, hands-on learning environment. This course includes lecture, exercises, and scenario-based exam questions to increase your understanding of the core disciplines of ITIL best practices and position you to successfully complete the associated exam. The main process and function focus areas of this course include:
  • Event management process
  • Incident management process
  • Request fulfillment process
  • Problem management process
  • Access management process

The organizational functions focused on in this course include:
  • Service desk
  • Technical management
  • IT operations management
  • Application management



IT operations, technical, or IT management personnel requiring more information about ITIL best practices Anyone responsible for managing, implementing, or consulting on ITIL processes within IT or in conjunction with IT

Course Content

  • Importance of service management as a practice concept and operational support and analysis principals, purpose, and objective
  • Importance of ITIL operational support and analysis while providing service
  • Processes in ITIL operational support and analysis interact with other service lifecycle processes
  • Processes, activities, methods, and functions used in each of the ITIL operational support and analysis processes
  • How to use the ITIL operational support and analysis processes, activities, and functions to achieve operational excellence
  • How to measure ITIL operational support and analysis
  • Importance of IT security and its contributions to ITIL operational support and analysis
  • Technology and implementation considerations surrounding ITIL operational support and analysis challenges, key performance indicators (KPIs), critical success factors (CSFs), and risks

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