Avaya Aura Communication Manager and CM Messaging - Embedded Implementation

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Learn to install and test the CM Main Embedded, Simplex, Duplex templates and survivable templates for Avaya Aura Communication Manager Release 6.3 in this course. You will administer the templates on the Avaya S8800 and S8300D servers, G450/G650 gateways, IP endpoints, and public line access. Implementation exercises are supported with additional maintenance and troubleshooting information and references to related courseware and documentation.


Avaya Auraa Communication Manager Administration


Avaya business partners Customers Avaya employees with implementation, administration, support and troubleshooting responsibilities for these products

Course Content

  • Identify the supported hardware for Communication Manager (CM) Release 6.3. Differentiate the Communication Manager role in large solution configurations when SIP endpoints are used/not used
  • Describe the required hardware upgrades necessary for select servers. Prepare to implement Avaya Aura Communication Manager by gathering the necessary components prior to installation
  • Match the Communication Manager (CM) 6.3 templates with the supported servers
  • Install and configure System Platform on the Avaya supported servers
  • List and describe the six basic steps for Communication Manager (CM) 6.3 template installation
  • Install and test the five Avaya Aura Communication Manager templates on the Avaya supported servers
  • Configure G650/G450 Gateways and Media Modules, IP endpoints, and public line access
  • Maintain Communication Manager translations by performing backup and restore activities
  • Differentiate between Server virtualization and system platform installation
  • Identify the CM servers and platforms supported in Feature Pack 4
  • Use supplemental documentation and troubleshooting information to assist the Communication Manager implementation

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