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Security is one of the key issues facing governmental, business and academic organizations today. The combined threats from hacking, international cyber terrorism and lax security pose a real risk to business and government alike. This one-day course will help employees at all levels of an organization to understand the importance of data security, recognize security risks and the measures taken to counter them, and apply best practices to their own activities.


This course is designed to assist with the implementation of a corporate security awareness program, and is also suitable for students who want to prepare to take more advanced security training courses. Students should have knowledge and experience of using a personal computer and a basic understanding of networking and Internet technologies. This course does not prepare students for Security+ Certification.


This is an entry level certification for anyone interested in learning computer networking and security basics. The Security 5 program gives individuals basic networking literacy skills to begin high end IT programs.

Course Content

    Security fundamentals
  • What is information security?
  • Corporate security policy
  • Data security risks and measures
  • Theft and physical damage
  • Backing store
  • Power cuts
  • Security on a network
  • User accounts
  • Encryption
  • Hacking
  • Application/software vulnerabilities
  • Social engineering

    Workplace security
  • Recruitment
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Workplace ethics

    Password management
  • What is a user account?
  • Choosing a password
  • Maintaining a user account

    Anti-virus measures
  • What is a computer virus?
  • Detect and remove virus infections

    File and document management
  • Organising data in folders
  • Securing access to a file
  • Copying and moving files securely

    Disk maintenance and backup
  • Scan a disk drive for errors
  • Clean and defragment a disk drive
  • Backup data

    Internet security and privacy
  • Set the security level
  • Enable or disable cookies
  • Browse secure websites
  • Use Content Advisor

    e-mail security
  • Message formats
  • Using reply all/forward
  • e-mail netiquette
  • Using file attachments
  • Encrypt an e-mail

  • What is a firewall
  • Configure a personal firewall

    Health and safety
  • A good working environment
  • Health and safety at work

    Use and care of IT equipment
  • Use and care of computer equipment
  • Installing computer equipment
  • Computing and the environment

    IT and the law
  • Copyright
  • Software licensing
  • Shareware, freeware, and open source applications
  • Defamation and freedom of speech
  • Fraud
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Privacy in the workplace

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