Red Hat Linux Virtualization Administration

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This is an introduction to using Red Hat Linux as a hardware virtualization platform. The objective of this class is to help attendees develop significant conceptual and technical abilities related to configuring a hypervisor host, managing storage options, networking considerations and configuration, guest host requirements, converting physical to virtual, and migration configuration and administration of a Linux host, in just a few days.

Everyone new to Virtualization on Linux needs to fully understand the hypervisor systems, concepts and standard utilities of managing virtual machines before planning and deploying a mission critical virtual data farm.


RHCSA minimum, RHCE preferred, skills are required. Extensive experience configuring, managing and using Linux and Windows based operating system is absolutely needed. Knowledge in the following is required:
  • Red Hat Systems Administration I
  • Red Hat Systems Administration II
  • Advanced Shell Programming


Anyone new to Virtualization on Linux.

Course Content

    Virtualization Overview
  • Why is Hardware Virtualization So Important?
  • The New 'Data Farm'
  • 64 bit and 32 bit Virtualization
  • Kernel based Virtual Management KVM
  • Installing KVM Utilities : virt-manager, ..

    Virtualization Hypervisor
  • Architecture overview
  • Deployment modes
  • Installation and configuration
  • Reconfiguration/tools
  • Upgrading
  • Kernel command line parameters/automated installs
  • Boot process
  • Configuration persistence
  • Troubleshooting

    Defining Hosts
  • The Various hosts in the data center
  • Converting Hosts Using live-CD tools

    Designing Hardware Virtualization
  • Planning Physical resources
  • Distributing Virtual resources
  • Understanding Data Repositories Needs

    Virtualization Management Console
  • Installation
  • Test Run
  • On-Going Management

    VM Creation
  • Divvying Up Resources
  • VM Creating Steps
  • Modifying VM properties

    Virtualization Image Management
  • Editing VM properties

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Duration - 2 days
Price - $1295.00 USD

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