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In this course students will learn the advanced features of XML. Through lecture and hands-on labs, students will extend their capabilities in XML Schema, XPath, and XSLT. Students will also be introduced to some fundamental XQuery and XSL-FO


Before attending this class, students should:
  • Be familiar with XML basics
  • Have some XML development experience


XML developers who need to use some of the advanced features of XML

Course Content

    Defining New Types Using Schemas
  • Substitution Groups
  • All and Choice Elements
  • Simple Type Restrictions
  • Pattern and Enumeration Facets
  • Complex Types and Extensions
  • Complex Types and Restrictions
  • The final Attribute

    Additional Schema Elements
  • Uniqueness
  • Keys and Keyref
  • Groups
  • Attribute Groups
  • redefine
  • Allowing Any Content
  • Mixed Content
  • Documentation Schemas

    Using XML Schema with Namespaces
  • Qualified and Unqualified XML
  • Associating Qualified XML with a Schema
  • Associating a Schema with a Namespace
  • Controlling Element and Attribute Qualification
  • Merging Schema with the Same Namespace
  • Merging Schema with Different Namespaces

    Generating Output with XSLT
  • Output Methods
  • HTML Output
  • Plain Text Output
  • XML Output
  • xsl:element and xsl:attribute
  • Attribute Value Templates
  • xsl:attribute-set
  • Text, Processing-Instructions, and Comments
  • Working with Namespaces

    Using XPath and XSLT Functions
  • XPath Datatypes and Functions
  • Node Test Functions
  • Node Set Functions
  • Boolean Functions
  • String Functions
  • Number Functions
  • The document() Function
  • xsl:key and the key() Function

    Advanced XSLT
  • Copying Elements
  • Numbering
  • Variables
  • Parameters
  • Using Other Stylesheets
  • Apply-imports
  • Template Rule Conflicts
  • Extensions

    XSLT and XPath 2.0 New Features
  • XSLT 2.0 Grouping Elements and Functions
  • User-Defined XSLT Functions
  • Multiple Output and XHTML
  • Documents
  • Temporary Trees
  • Sequences
  • Types
  • Stylesheets That Are Schema-Aware
  • Character Mapping
  • Regular Expressions

    Introduction to XQuery
  • What is XQuery?
  • doc() Function
  • XQuery Datatypes
  • XQuery Expressions
  • XQuery Prolog
  • Modules
  • Conditional Expressions
  • Iteration and FLWOR
  • Built-in Functions
  • User-Defined Functions

    XSL Formatting
  • Objects
  • What is XSL?
  • XSL-FO Overview
  • Types of Objects
  • Defining Page Masters
  • Setting Up the Flow
  • Block-Level vs. Inline-Level Objects

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Price - $2495.00 USD

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