Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: Level 2

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In your previous experience, you have used the features of a WSS team site and you have also performed some basic administration of WSS team sites as a site owner. Once you have mastered these basic skills, your job might require you to perform more advanced administration of sites you own, or even administer multiple sites and the SharePoint Services environment as a whole. In this course, you will manage team sites as a site owner and as a SharePoint Services administrator.


Some familiarity with basic Windows server concepts and Internet Information Server (IIS) is highly recommended. In addition, the following course or equivalent experience is required: Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0: Level 1


This course is designed for existing SharePoint site owners with basic SharePoint administrative skills who need to perform more advanced site owner or site administrator tasks. For example, it could be an IT manager who is already familiar with website administration and who is now responsible for managing and administering a Windows SharePoint Services site, or it could be an individual who is responsible for managing and administering a team site.

Course Content

    Managing Site Collections
  • Create a Site Collection
  • Brand a Site Collection
  • Manage a Web Part Gallery

    Managing Lists
  • Create a Custom List
  • Customize List Settings
  • Create a Project Task List

    Managing Discussion Boards
  • Create a Discussion Board
  • Customize Existing Discussion Boards
  • Set Email Feedback to Discussion Boards

    Managing Document Libraries
  • Create a Document Library
  • Create Library Templates
  • Monitor Library Usage
  • Organize Documents in a Library
  • Apply Document Versioning
  • Share Documents

    Managing Form Libraries
  • Create a Form Library
  • Modify Form Libraries
  • Customize Form Templates Using InfoPath
  • Add Forms to a Form Library

    Managing Site Access Permission
  • Assign Group Permissions
  • Manage User Permissions
  • Identify Authentication Modes
  • Set Site Level Security

    Managing WSS Content
  • Create a Content Type
  • Apply Content Types in a List
  • Use Formulas and Functions

    Managing Workflows
  • Add a Workflow
  • Run a Workflow

    Working With Indexing and Searching
  • Index List Content
  • Enable Search Options

    Using Central Administration
  • Use Central Administration
  • Add Administrative Tasks

    Managing Security Options in WSS
  • Set Web Part Security
  • Set Antivirus Options
  • Manage Blocked File Types

    Managing Site Usage
  • Set Site Collection Quotas and Locks
  • Monitor Site Usage

    Managing Site Maintenance
  • Recover Lost Information
  • Perform a Backup
  • Restore a Backup

    Appendix A: Permission Categories

    Appendix B: Managing External Service Connections

    Appendix C: File Types That Cannot be Added to a List or a Library

    Appendix D: Keyboard Shortcuts

    Appendix E: Accessibility Features

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