Windows SharePoint Services: Building Extended Collaborative Solutions

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Windows SharePoint Services: Building Extended Collaborative Solutions is the second course focused on building Web-based information sharing and collaborative solutions with Windows SharePoint Services. In the first course, you learned how to work with team Web sites and perform basic administration tasks. Now you need to expand your SharePoint solution to include a variety of teams with different needs and manage the sites and servers. In this course, you will learn how to create and use workspaces, as well as learn how to administer and support your entire Windows SharePoint Services Web-based solution.


Experience with an Internet browser product and power user experience with any application in the Microsoft Office Suite is required. Experience with basic server administration is strongly recommended. Information management experience may be helpful. In addition, the following ElementK course or equivalent experience is required: Windows SharePoint Services: Building Collaborative Solutions with Team Web Sites


The ideal student for this course may include anyone in a finance, operations, sales, or human resources area with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services experience creating a team Web site using the default team Web site template, who is responsible for establishing virtual Web-based meeting and document workspaces to enable information sharing between project team or department members, or for administering, maintaining, and extending the Job functionality of a team Web site.

Course Content

    Creating a Windows SharePoint Services Installation
  • Install Windows SharePoint Services
  • Set the SharePoint Administration Group
  • Configure Default Email Server Settings

    Establishing a Workspace
  • Create a Workspace
  • Manage the Built-in Web Parts of a Workspace
  • Manage Pages in a Meeting Workspace
  • Customize Content Using Web Parts

    Modifying Web Site Appearance
  • Apply a Theme
  • Change Regional Settings
  • Manage Galleries

    Using FrontPage to Modify Web Components
  • Apply a Theme to Individual Web Pages
  • Apply Formatting to a Web Page
  • Edit Views

    Managing Usage
  • Configure Usage Analysis Processing
  • View Site Usage Summary Data
  • View Site Collection Usage Summary Data
  • View Storage Space Allocation
  • Set Site Collection Quotas and Locks
  • Add a Content Database
  • Configure User Alerts

    Administering a Windows SharePoint Services Web Site
  • Manage Site Collection Owners
  • Manage Blocked File Types
  • Configure Antivirus Settings

    Configuring Windows SharePoint Services Connections
  • Set the Default Content Database Server
  • Set the Configuration Database Server
  • Configure Data Retrieval Service Settings

    Removing Windows SharePoint Services Components
  • Configure Site Collection Use Confirmation and Auto-deletion
  • Delete a Site Collection
  • Remove Windows SharePoint Services from a Virtual Server

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