Windows SharePoint Services: Building Collaborative Solutions with Team Web Site

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Many companies, departments, and project teams need to share information and collaborate on projects in an efficient and cost-effective manner. In this course, you will learn how to use Windows SharePoint Services to create virtual team Web sites to enable information sharing and collaboration between project team or department members. You will create a virtual team Web site to enable information sharing between project team or department members.


You will need experience with an Internet browser product, as well as power user experience in any application in the Microsoft Office Suite. Information management experience is also helpful


Persons with Microsoft Office experience, who are in a finance, operations, sales, or human resources areas and responsible for establishing a team Web site for projects that allow information sharing between team or department members.

Course Content

    Windows SharePoint Services
  • The Windows SharePoint Services Environment
  • The Windows SharePoint Services Hierarchy

    Using the Default Team Web Site
  • Change Site Title and Description
  • Modify the Site Image
  • Create Announcements
  • Create Events
  • Create Links

    Granting Access to a Team Web Site
  • Create Site Users
  • Import Users from Outlook
  • Alter the Rights of Built-in Groups
  • Create Custom Site Groups
  • Modifying the Site Users in a Site Group
  • Control Site Access Permissions
  • Set up an Access Request Email Account

    Adding Lists
  • Create a Contact
  • Create a Task
  • Create an Issues List
  • Apply Permissions to Lists
  • Set Content Approval
  • Approve or Reject List Items
  • Create Custom Lists

    Adding Libraries
  • Create a Document Library
  • Add Documents
  • Upload Documents
  • Modify Documents
  • Create a Form Library
  • Fill Out Forms
  • Create a Picture Library
  • Add Pictures
  • Delete a Library

    Adding Discussions Boards
  • Create Discussion Boards
  • Add Discussion Messages
  • Delete Discussion Messages
  • Remove Discussion Boards

    Creating Web Discussions
  • Create Web Discussions
  • Delete Web Discussions

    Adding Surveys
  • Create Surveys
  • Respond to Surveys
  • Modify Surveys
  • View Survey Responses
  • Export Survey Results

    Customizing the Team Site Home Page
  • Add Web Parts
  • Modify a Web Part
  • Remove Web Parts
  • Move Web Parts on the Home Page
  • Modify the Quick Launch Bar

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Price - $1295.00 USD

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