Microsoft SharePoint for the Front-End User

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This one-day course will teach non-IT administrators how to create a SharePoint site and covers topics such as knowledge management overview and considerations, adding logos, creating web parts, workspaces, customizing views, creating content libraries, and entering and labeling content.


Proficient in using a mouse and keyboard, familiarity with Word and Excel programs.


Non-technical individuals who want to design, edit and manage content on a SharePoint site once the backend SharePoint server has been set up.

Course Content

    Exploring SharePoint
  • Navigation
  • Home Page Navigation
  • Searching for a Document
  • Accessing a Link
  • Adding Calendar Appointment
  • Taking a Survey
  • Add a Contact
  • Sort a Contact List
  • Respond to a Discussion Board Posting
  • Viewing All Site Content
  • Editing Pages View
  • My Settings
  • Considerations When Building a SharePoint Site

    Developing a Homepage
  • Web Parts
  • Creating an Image Library
  • Adding a Logo Web Part
  • Adding Announcement Web Parts
  • Adding Additional Announcements
  • Content Editor Web Parts
  • Re-Organizing Web Parts
  • Editing a Web Part
  • Deleting a Web Part
  • Working with Lists
  • Adding a Contacts Web Part
  • Populating a Contact List
  • Adding a Calendar Web Part
  • Changing the Calendar View
  • Adding a Discussion Board Web Part
  • Posting a Discussion Board Item
  • Additional List Features & Customizations
  • Attaching Documents to List Items
  • Editing List Columns
  • Deleting Columns
  • Changing Column Views
  • Setting up Alerts

    Additional Page Features
  • Working with Links
  • Creating a Links List
  • Adding SharePoint Site Pages as Links
  • Adding a Links Web Part
  • Adding a Link to the Quick Launch
  • Deleting a Link from the Quick Launch
  • Creating Surveys
  • Creating a Survey
  • Adding Survey Questions
  • Add a Survey Web Part
  • Creating Alerts for Survey Responses
  • Test the Survey
  • Creating a Survey Summary

    Creating Content
  • Content Management Considerations
  • Creating a Library
  • Creating a Document Library
  • Creating Library Filing Structure
  • Populating a Document Library
  • Editing Document Properties
  • Adding Metadata Columns
  • Modifying Metadata Columns
  • Creating Custom Metadata Columns
  • Creating a Multi-Selection Metadata Column
  • Creating the Column Order
  • Assign Metadata to Documents
  • Working with Document Libraries
  • Checking Documents In & Out
  • Checking Documents In & Out Through Office Applications
  • Making Document Check Out Required for Editing
  • Automatic Document Versioning
  • Accessing Past Versions

    People & Permissions
  • Groups
  • Authentication vs. Authorization
  • Creating Groups
  • Email a Group
  • Setting Permissions
  • Edit User Permissions
  • Library Level Permissions
  • Folder Level Permissions
  • List Item Level Permissions
  • Reports
  • Site Usage Reports
  • Alert Reports

    Creating Child Sites & Workspaces
  • Meeting Workspaces
  • Meeting Workspaces
  • Linking a Calendar Appointment to a Meeting Workspace
  • Document Workspaces
  • Creating a Document Workspace
  • Adding Users to a Workspace

    Customizing a Site
  • Views Based on a Document Library
  • Accessing a View
  • Adding a View to the Quick Launch Panel
  • Adding a View to the Links Web Part
  • Adding a View to the Top Link Bar
  • Creating a Client Page/Tab
  • Formatting Web Parts
  • Customizing the Quick Launch Panel
  • Changing Menu Order on the Quick Launch Panel
  • Applying a Theme
  • Deleting a Site
  • Deleting Content – the Recycle Bin
  • Restoring Content from Recycle Bin

    Integration with Office Applications
  • Adding a SharePoint Calendar to Outlook
  • Creating a Meeting Workspace from Outlook
  • Adding a Contact List to Outlook
  • E-mailing a Contact List
  • Importing Excel Spreadsheets
  • Customize List Settings
  • Exporting to Excel Spreadsheets

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Price - $250.00 USD

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