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The Korn shell "language" is the JCL of the UNIX/Linux world and a lot more! It is widely used for automating routines (system administration, housekeeping, security scans) and for writing installation scripts. It is also useful for customizing UNIX tools or creating new tools; and for creating "user-friendly" and/or logical interfaces to other programs and tools. In this course, students learn to read, write, and debug Korn shell programs. Students learn how to use pipes, filters, I/O redirection, variable substitution, meta-characters, script tracing and debugging, shell functions, and signal handling. Exercises and lab sessions reinforce the learning objectives and provide participants the opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience.


Successful completion of the "Fundamentals of UNIX" course, or equivalent experience. Ability to use the UNIX vi editor to write programs. Prior experience with some programming language would be helpful but is not required.


Programmers, system administrators, operations staff, and other users who are familiar with the fundamentals of the UNIX/Linux system environment and who would benefit from knowing and being able to apply advanced UNIX data processing, editing, and programming skills to their daily work.

Course Content

  • Basics of writing shell programs
  • Using environmental, positional parameter, and keyword variables
  • Creating interactive programs
  • Arithmetic and condition-testing within programs
  • Logical control flow within scripts, using the if-then , if- then-else, if-then-elif-then; case multi-way branching; and while, until, and for loop control constructs
  • Customizing the shell environment
  • Writing shell functions
  • Messages, error and signal handling
  • Debugging shell programs
  • Create original shell programs, make them executable, and run them in different process environments
  • Use the Korn shell's built-in programming commands and logical flow- of-control constructs
  • Manage program input and output
  • Write interactive shell programs
  • Pass information between programs
  • Debug programs and use shell's program tracing utilities

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Duration - 4 days
Price - $2495.00 USD

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