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This course -- for users of all versions of the UNIX system environment, including AIX, SUN/Solaris, HP-UX, and Linux teaches users, programmers, system administrators, and operations staff the advanced features and tools available on their UNIX systems. These include sed, the UNIX stream editor; the awk pattern-scanning and reporting language; advanced features of the vi screen editor; as well as new tools and additional features of familiar tools.

The course also includes an introduction to the Perl extraction-and-reporting language; and hands-on practice in writing basic Korn shell programs. Exercises and lab sessions reinforce the learning objectives and provide participants the opportunity for practical, hands-on experience.


Successful completion of the "Fundamentals of UNIX" course, or equivalent experience.


Programmers, system administrators, operations staff, and other users who are familiar with the fundamentals of the UNIX/Linux system environment and who would benefit from knowing and being able to apply advanced UNIX data processing, editing, and programming skills to their daily work.

Course Content

  • UNIX utilities for information, environment control, and data display
  • Advanced utilities for text and data processing, including fgrep, tr, paste, uniq, cmp, and comm
  • Advanced regular expression features for grep, egrep, and sed
  • In-line and batch editing with the UNIX stream editor, sed
  • Using the awk pattern-scanning and reporting language
  • Korn shell features for users and programmers
  • Shell environmental variables, positional parameter variables, and the read command
  • Shell program exits
  • Korn shell test command for files, strings, and numerical values
  • Korn shell logical flow-of-control programming constructs: if-then, if-then-else, if-then-elif-then; case multi-way branching; and while, until, and for loop control constructs
  • Perl features, data types, and writing Perl programs
  • Advanced vi editor features
  • Utilize both new and familiar UNIX utilities including sed and awk -- for text and data selection, processing, and manipulation
  • Use advanced features of the vi screen editor
  • Demonstrate familiarity with the Perl language data types and programming
  • Read and understand existing shell programs, as well as modify existing programs and write simple programs using the Korn shell programming language

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Duration - 4 days
Price - $2495.00 USD

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