XML Fundamentals

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In this course you will learn fundamentals necessary to use XML on the Web or in data processing applications. Through lecture and hands-on lab exercises, you will learn the essentials of data interoperability using XML, write well-formed XML documents, enforce document validity, use XSLT and stylesheets to transform XML documents, and get an introduction to XML programming APIs in languages such as Java and Perl. Exercises and lab sessions reinforce the learning objectives and provide participants the opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience.


Before attending this class, students should:
  • Familiarity with Web and data processing concepts.
  • HTML and programming experience is helpful.


Users and Programmers new to XML.

Course Content

    XML basics
  • Introduction to XML
  • The evolution of XML
  • Benefits of XML
    XML components
  • Defining an XML document
  • Document components
    Document type definitions
  • Document modeling and DTDs
  • Declarations
  • Document analysis and testing
    Creating and validating an XML document
  • XML Schema
  • Schema description and components
  • Creating a schema
    Cascading Style Sheets
  • CSS and XML
  • CSS styles
    XML transformations
  • Transforming XML documents
  • Data transformation
    Linking in XML
  • XML Linking Language
  • Creating links with XLink
  • Validating XLinks
  • XML Pointer (XPointer)
    XML APIs
  • Introduction to XML APIs
  • DOM interfaces and objects
  • Sax versus DOM
    XML data binding basics
  • Data binding fundamentals
  • Integrating XML data sources
  • Data source objects
    XML authoring tools
  • XML editors
  • Integrated development environments
    Introduction to XHTML
  • Understanding XHTML
  • XHTML variants and DTDs
  • XHTML utilities

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Duration - 2 days
Price - $1295.00 USD

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